Following on from Rishi Sunak’s delivery of the crucial Autumn Budget, Tulway’s managing director, Kevin Tully, provided his thoughts on the economy, including business support tax increases, and wage economy:

“We’ve got to find a way out of this pandemic and having already spent hundreds of billions of pounds to support people and businesses, it goes without saying that taxes will increase in order for the Government to claw back some of this output.

“I’m hoping for a higher wage economy going forward and today’s budget goes some way towards ensuring that.

“Employers need to be involved in the training funding process, rather than simply giving large amounts of money to colleges and universities for them to up-skill and train.

In regards to education, Kevin Tully praises the Government’s decision to invest in the ‘skills revolution’ – a cash injection into skills and education, aiming to fuel economic growth and create opportunities for people wishing to enter high-value sectors such as AI, cybersecurity, and nuclear:

“The £3bn post-16 education to fund the skills revolution is fantastic news for our sector and for Tulway, as we pledge to take on 20 more apprentices between now and 2025.

“The green agenda is also going to open up an incredible amount of opportunities for business across the Liverpool City Region.

“A lot of people don’t realise how heavily involved the engineering sector is in the process of transforming from fossil fuels to green energy, but Tulway and many other businesses like us are playing a huge role in the net-zero agenda and long may it continue.