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Tulway has vast experience working for live top tier COMAH sites. From vessel repairs to full plant installations, Tulway offers a specialised service for all types of materials used within chemical manufacturing.
This includes glass lined vessels and pipework, PTFE lined pipework, plastics, duplex stainless steels and hastelloy.
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Gas transmission pipelines are utilised to transport either crude oil or natural gases from their corresponding gathering systems to refining, processing or storage facilities.
While gas transmission pipelines are dedicated to the transportation of these products to different systems, transmission pipelines also transport refined petroleum products and natural gas to customers for use or for further distribution.

To ensure effective transportation of products, gas transmission pipelines include all relevant equipment and facilities necessary including the pipe, valves, pumps or compressors, breakout tanks, storage tanks, refining and processing facilities, and a range of other equipment and facilities.

Tulway has invested heavily in a vast library of pre-approved welding procedures in both carbon and stainless steel, to enable the business to gain approvals for National Grid and other gas transmission pipeline providers. We can also guarantee bespoke procedures for individual projects if required.

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Tulway holds National Grid approved welding procedures and qualifications and has more recently been recognised for its contribution to the renewable energy sector.
Tulway completed the world’s first commercial LAES (liquid air energy storage) plant in Manchester, alongside the completion of anaerobic digestion plants, biomass power plants and biomethance monitoring skid mounted units.

We have the capacity to connect the gas produced by these plants to the gas transmission network, as we proudly hold National Grid approved welding procedures and welder qualifications for connecting pipelines up to 100 bar pressure. T/SP/P/8.

If you require advice or support for any engineering services, Tulway can offer clarity and guidance for a wide range of renewable energy projects, including R&D support.

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As an industry leader in the provision of electrical and instrumental systems and services to the petrochemical industries, Tulway uses state of the art technology to refine petroleum or crude oil.
We deal with operations involved in refining petroleum or crude oil using state of the art technology.

The creation of seals, valves and connectors that can be used across various applications, including deep hole technologies, can be created for the petrochemical industry to support high pressure applications, as well as complying with stringent quality standards and traceability requirements.

Tulway is an accredited supplier for numerous petrochemical businesses across the UK and Europe.

Our QA approved welding systems are recognised throughout the industry.

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From floating structures, semi-submersible platforms and floating drilling units, Tulway are experts in the design and construction of structures for off-shore and marine engineering.
Off-shore engineering refers to the design and construction of stationary structures intended to operate within an ocean environment.

As pipeline systems take centre stage of the subsea transportation system, Tulway has the in-house capability to pre-fabricate piping systems for the majority of offshore oil and gas projects (subsea pipelines). We can supply piping systems for off-shore specifications such as: DNV, API & ASME, all complete with anti-corrosion coatings.

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Our highly skilled engineers manufacture both parts and pre fabricated piping for the oil and gas industry and accommodate for some of the most technically demanding sites and refineries across UK.
Through our proven reliability and quality assurance, our customers place their trust in Tulway with full assurance that the project will be delivered on time and within budget.

Due to Tulway’s commitment to providing a first-class service for over twenty years, we hold over 100 third-party approved welding procedures on file, adding to our extensive portfolio of a range of projects, from small remote gas installations to complex, large-scale engineering projects.

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The automotive sector is rapidly changing with the advent of electric vehicles, which is both broadening and transforming the scope and scale of automotive engineering.
Over recent years, Tulway has supplied Stellantis with around-the-clock engineering support at their sites, ensuring its plant and equipment is operational, with minimum downtime.
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