As COP26 draws to a close, it’s a good time to discuss sustainability and working towards reaching net-zero, and what we as a company, who is committed to sustainability, is doing to maintain this green initiative.

Covid-19 brought devastation to millions around the world – and highlighted just how fragile our existence is. As countries attempt to recover from the pandemic, we must take this opportunity to look after our planet and each other, and tackle climate change… build back better… and greener.

Through a commitment to delivering green recoveries across the globe, we can bring in jobs, trillions in investment and ground-breaking new technology.

To keep the temperature of the planet under control – limiting its increase to 1.5 degrees – the science dictates that by the second half of the century, we should be producing less carbon than we take out of the atmosphere. This is what reaching ‘net zero’ means.

The journey is already underway, as around 70% of the world economy is now covered by net zero targets, up from less than 30% when the UK took on the presidency of COP26.

Clean energy such as wind and solar, is now the cheapest source of electricity in most countries and many of the world’s car makers are shifting to make only electric and hybrid models.

More and more countries around the world are starting to recognise the importance of protecting and restoring nature, and are taking responsibility for reducing carbon emissions to zero.

At Tulway, one of our green initiatives is investing in charging points and purchasing electric vehicles that will be available for Tulway managers to use, and when the company grows, they will be extended out to other members of the senior team.

Kevin Tully, our managing director, said: “We’re also investing in charging points at our Knowsley depot and there is hope that we will then be able to place solar on our roofs, to ensure that electricity can be put back into the grid.

“With companies now having to demonstrate their sustainability as part of the contract bidding process, it is imperative that our carbon footprint is low and continues to stay that way. “

Kevin added: “As we are also involved in projects with the gas network, as we move towards hydrogen, we would hope that the Government continues to back green schemes and supports businesses who are going above and beyond to support net zero.”